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Supporting Artisans

AMAIDI Volunteering has partners from all walks of life. Amongst them are
also artisans, making the finest of handicrafts in India:

– Auro Ambala: handloom
– Meera Trust: crochet- and leather works
– Sri Sivam Pottery: ceramic and terra-cotta pottery
– Chitralaya Trust: batik painting
– Aurocomp: beads jewellery

As a volunteer or intern, you are invited to come and participate in these
workshops, If time permits, you are also invited to make some products for
yourself. Especially the beads jewellery workshop ‘Aurocomp’ is very
suited for this.

Artisans are artists who have choosen to take up the task of leading a
group of mostly (younger) women, to train them in their craft and to
manage them as a workshop to produce for the Indian and foreign markets.

Many of these artisans have trained themselves in the ‘ins and outs’ of
entrepreneurship. But they could always use some good advice from one of
our volunteers! As a matter of fact, all of our artisans are very open to
influence from outside, as long as it coincides with their concept. Slowly
even their traditional concept is changing, seeing the benefits of what
others bring in.

And enduring friendships often result from these interactions.

AMAIDI cordially invites everyone with an artistic incling to come and
join our artisans for some time.

For more information:


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