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Managing Far Away Volunteers?

Its the sending agency’s nightmare: a volunteer writing home that things are nog going well at all, blaming the agency that has send him/her for the disaster. How to prevent such a thing from happening? Except the fact that – statistically spoken such an event HAS to happen once in a long while just to keep up the statistics – there ARE tips and tricks that can help preventing the nightmare from happening too often.

I came across an article where you can find just that:

Check out:

Happy reading you all!


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2 Responses

  1. I am very much impressed to see your web space which is provided by Amaidi for Volunteers through amaidi volunteering in India programme.
    I wish them all success…
    Mrs. Nazima Nikhat
    Naaz Welfare Society for Urban & Rural Develpment, Latur. India.

  2. amaidivolunteeringinindia says:

    Thank you, Mrs. Nikhat.

    I hope that others, like yourself, will take the opportunity to visit this webforum as often as possible and have a discussion with all of us.


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