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Why would you volunteer?

“There are more than 6 billion people you have never met, what are you waiting for? The type of people who travel in foreign countries volunteering have usually seen and done more with their lives and thus are more interesting than your average person. Becoming friends with locals will give you better understanding of what the people actually want, rather than what you believe they need….”

What is the number one reason for you?



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One Response

  1. Katy says:

    For me the main reason would be a good heart! I wish to contribute in what ever way i can. Being dealt my own physical shortcomings and flaws, i do want to try to contribute. Even if just coloring with kids, washing clothes, making pottery, whatever!
    I have been helped and am still receiving help from those that have a good heart, and i would like to use my time in India to pay it forward.

    By paying it forward, someone else might get touched by a good heart and might decide to do the same.

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