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Found the next statement on a blog:

“Voluntourism”, the international development charity points out, is a growing market in which increasing numbers of school leavers are paying commercial companies for the privilege of working for nothing in some of the world’s poorest communities. In return, they get a good line for the resume, a clutch of traveller’s tales and a warm feeling created by the sense of doing something worthwhile while getting a key “life experience”.

What do YOU think?


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2 Responses

  1. Philanthropic Travel says:

    “I appreciate the thoughtful points made throughout the following article. I encourage travelers to discern the differences that Philanthropic Travel and Voluntourism offer and to decide which experience appeals to them. Whether you prefer to spend a morning or afternoon connecting with locals as the guest of an Exquisite Safaris Humanitarian Partner (offering a tax deductible donation) and the balance vacationing (Philanthropic Travel); or prefer spending a morning or afternoon vacationing and the balance serving as a volunteer (Voluntourism) -valuable benefits accrue to all who collaborate.” -David ChamberlainLearn More:“Who gains the most from volun-tourism?” -Christina Jelly is a senior majoring in biochemistry and philosophy at the University of Arizona.

  2. Different says:

    I think that is a a somewhat narrow view. Voluntourism is not just aboout school leavers, working for nothing lines for the resume and key “life experience”.

    In fact, a great deal of growth in the market is coming from older generations, who have life experiences but still have the desire to learn in an authentic manner about other cultures and communities; who aren’t looking for jobs, but who genuinely desire to offer something back to the world to those less fortunate than themselves; who would prefer their tourism to not have a negative impact on a destination but support it in a positive way, and their tourism $s to go to local communities, accommodation and services – not global corporation.

    Sure, they may also get a “feel good” sense of warmth from that – is that bad? The key is in making sure you choose the right company to go with, and that neither the host community, project nor indeed the volutourist or their $s, are being taken advantage of.

    Vicky, Different Travel

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