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Dairy project in Sathankullam


My name is Durk Haringsma, I am an Agricultural student, studying dairy farming at Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein ( in the Netherlands. I have been working as a trainee on a dairy farm project for AMAIDI’s partner organization AID India. I made a report for establishing a dairy farm in Sathankulam. AID India hasn’t got a source of income at the moment which makes the organization dependent on funds, foundations and donations. That’s why AID India wants to start a dairy farm on their land to gain some profit. I have assessed the needs, costs and I have also made a management plan for running the dairy farm. When we have engaged the needed funds, AID India can start the project. Working for an NGO in India is a great experience and I have learned a lot during my stay in Sathankulam. I have not only learned about a totally different way of dairy farming, but I also got involved in Human Rights and Micro Credit Programmes and I have experienced much of the Indian culture. I think my internship was a 2 way process, in which both AID India and me gained profit. The hospitality of the AID India team is great and it was a great pleasure to work with them. The 19 weeks I worked there passed on in no time, and I feel sad that I have to leave them after this great time. I want to thank AMAIDI for bringing me in contact with this organization, the great guidance and the pleasant stay in their guesthouse and home stay. 

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2 Responses

  1. Camille says:

    I think that Durk is a wonderful example of how an animated and result driven trainee can get things done under sometimes difficult circumstances.

    Everyone who has been in India, knows how all odds can be against you. You can easily get depressed, angry and even give up. Not Durk! He has received terrific guidance from an enthusiastic team, called AID Inda. Together with the support of his homefront, he has managed to fulfill his target of advising an NGO who is in the need of it.

    AMAIDI wishes Durk a safe home journey and all the best in his further career, in which India will have a special place!

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