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‘What new needs were discovered after Tsunami?’

Sunday afternoon, 4 o’clock: 16 Dutch participants are sitting in one of the ‘conference’ rooms of IITPD, in Chettikuppam, a hamlet close to Marakkanam and the East Coast Road. I’m informing all present about their program for the next three weeks: working at Bless’ post-tsunami development projects in Reddichavadi, Tamil Nadu; and a musical exchange with local youth from around Auroville and fishermen’s villages. Many questions, some regarding the program (‘What new needs were discovered after Tsunami?’), some connected with practical issues (‘where can we find shops?’ and ‘where can we make a phonecall home?’). At 6 pm most questions were answered, the sight-seeing trip on Sunday to Pondicherry was arranged. The kick-off of ‘What I See’ will be on Monday at 10 am, at Reddichavadi, when Bless’ executive director Mr. Anthony Samy will address the group, marking the start for the project-work.



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