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February 28, 4 o’clock in the morning. The bus with driver Anbu is driving up the lane of IITPD in Chettikuppam, to catch the 16 participants of ‘What I See’, a project of AMAIDI Volunteering in India, CC4U & JoHo. It’s Auroville 40’th birthday and the whole group is going to watch the bonfire at the amphi-theatre, where on Feb 28, 1968 youth representatives of 124 countries put a handfull of their native soil into a lotus-bud shaped urn to symbolize the strive for human unity, the key-concept in Auroville. In New Creation and Last School Campus, for 10 days all were involved in music & other arts; they visited an Arts’ College in Ariankuppam, Anandi’s organic cooking class in Kottakarai, gave a Tai Bo and Boxing workshop in New Creation School and cooked a Dutch dinner for the village elders and youth of Kuilapayam Village. in Last School, a concert was given of Dutch danc’ styles and Tamil youth gave a dance show of their own, by way of exchange. It has been a full program, at times tiring but always surprising and with amply opportunity to meet local youth and artists in a series of cultural events.


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  1. Leheru zaveri says:

    I want to be a volunteer in Auroville for art and craft and mural making. I am an artist. I am free lancer I have already worked with youth and children with art. I basically need living support also. Just now I am in Ahmedabad working with rural children. I have done art exhibitions also.

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