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Virtual Volunteering


Reaching out from home

Reaching out from home

It’s not an altogether new concept to the global volunteering community: online or virtual volunteering. Helping out organizations in developing countries from your desktop at home. In business circles the concept of a virtual assistant is gaining ground. Same theory: some people simply deliver quality from out of their homes and/or are too remotely located to be of any physical benefit. A real boon to volunteers who’d like to continue their efforts after coming home! Provided there is a real need at the receiving end. Visited the site of the UN Volunteers, where the concept has been practically worked out and – looking at the presentations – that works out fine. AMAIDI is going to incorporate this concept in its approach towards existing and ex-volunteers.


For successstories, click here, here, or here.

For more information on ‘what is virtual volunteering?’, click here

For an example how ‘supply’ meets ‘demand’ at UNV (United Nations Volunteering), click here



If anyone out there has some valuable tips/do’s & don’ts that we have to be alert to, please let us know by placing your comments here.


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