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Laura @ Madurai with NGO EXIST

Laura having a South-Indian dinner at Madurai

Laura having a South-Indian dinner at Madurai











Since a few weeks Laura Quist, AMAIDI Volunteer from the Netherlands, is working at EXIST, a grassroots NGO in Madurai, who is working for the betterment of women in and around Madurai city. EXIST mainly focuses durable development of women through Self Help Group formation, education and livelihood training.

Livelihood training - tailoring section

Livelihood training - tailoring section











Laura’s task is to identify training needs related to entrepreneurship, leadership, awareness, marketing etc of women in and outside women’s SHG’s; to design a training plan and –strategy along with EXIST’ staff; to undertake a viability study of several forms of micro enterprise; and to identify and promote suitable micro enterprises amongst women.


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  1. R.Senthil kumar says:

    Hi, iam an advocate practising at high court Madurai . Iam a person intended to work for women empowerment. Iam experienced in giving best solution for women’s those who need physiological and legal legal issues and problems , iam much more interested to help all women who really need it. Pls contact me if you are interested . Cell -9840314122 .

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