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New Partner in Bihar!

We’re so happy to have a new partner in Bihar, India’s poorest state (in nearly all the stats you can think of), but vibrant in its NGO culture, which gives hope for the future of men, women and children in the need of assistance.Check out this Wiki on Bihar


Bihar in N-India

Bihar in N-India














Here’s a text from the Indian Waterportal about the chairman of SSVK:

Deepak Bharti, Samajik Shaikshnik Vikas Kendra, Bihar Mr Deepak Bharti,
Founder, Samajik Shaikshnik Vikas Kendra (SSVK)
“Samajik Shaikshnik Vikas Kendra (SSVK) is working to empower the most downtrodden and marginalised people, especially women, in one of the India’s poorest states, Bihar. Its founder Mr Deepak Bharti is a product of the great 1974 student movement, which engulfed major parts of the country, besides becoming one of the reasons for Ms Indira Gandhi to declare emergency. No surprisingly, the follower of JP Narayan, Bharti is candid in his responses. He dissects Bihar floods with rare insight & practical wisdom. He notes embankment construction is the biggest cause of floods. Yet, they continue, reflecting the politician contractor nexus. He has a fearless view on every issue- bureaucratic inertia, political stunts, and delays in deploying the helicopters…”  

If you want to read the rest of the article in WaterAid Portal, click here


Their website is offline at the moment, server problem most likely. Just come back and visit again.




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