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School for the Blind

AMAIDI has managed to contact a government school for blind children and for the deaf and dumb as its newest partner in Puducherry. Its located close by AMAIDI Guest house, fantastic for who wants to stay in contact with other volunteers.

It’s managing director sounded enthusiastic. A visit on Friday May 15 revealed that Mrs. Rajeshwari, assistant director of this government institution near the Puducherry University, is really very happy with the fact that I have approached her. She will, however, first have to consult her superior, the director, but does not expect resistance there. As a matter of fact, she has invited me to come to her annual day of yet another institution that she manages, the ‘government home for mentally retarded children’ in Puducherry. There, she told me, I will meet ‘all kinds of VIPs to tell my story’. I will start to prepare myself for the best … 

Government School for the blind, deaf and dumb

Government School for the blind, deaf and dumb

Miss Janneke Luesken from the Netherlands, working for VISIO – a foundation for the visually impaired – is going to assist the staff of the blind school in Jan-March 2010. I firmly believe that is really going to happen.

Cheers to that!


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