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Mother Theresa Hospice Puducherry


Mother Theresa's hospice cares for the destitute in Puducherry, India

Mother Theresa's hospice cares for the destitute in Puducherry, India

In Reddiyarpalayam, just outside the main town of Puducherry on the way to Villupuram, lies Mother Theresa Hospice, run by the Missionaries of Charity. Inge Renckens, AMAIDI volunteer already done with her project at partner NGO ‘REAL’ in the same town, has decided to help the dying and destitute in Mother Theresa’s Hospice in Puducherry for the remainder of her stay in this part of India, another 3 weeks. 

A not less than courageous undertaking, because the atmosphere at MTH is not particularly uplifting: old women shuffle around, sounds are produced but not much is spoken, feeding is a challenge as is bathing and being bathed. And amidst them all are the ones that are dying, waiting for the end to come, lying on their beds all day, not able to move or speak. 

I have great admiration for Inge who has taken up this task as a non-professional in this area (being a Bacholeor in Finance and Accounting originally). All of us at AMAIDI are wishing her all best of luck in her work and the needed inspiration. 

Camille – CEO


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  1. angela fernandez says:

    I have been looking around the internet to find out if Mother Teresa had any hospices around the country or world and I came across this site. I am looking for some inspiration. I begin classes as a nurses aide next week and will be working in a nursing home after that . . . probably early December. My family and I have volunteered with the Missionaries of Charity in Detroit, MI and we are so blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from the sisters. I am feeling a little reluctant to work in a nursing home but then I remember I read somewhere that when Mother Teresa bathed and cleaned the people from the streets, it was like washing the body of Christ. I am praying that I can treat each person I care for as if they are the body of Christ.

  2. Beautiful reflection, Angela. Hope you will find your way around.

    Best regards,
    AMAIDI India

    • Angela Fernandez says:

      Thank you for your warm comments. My prayers were answered. I completed my nurse’s aide’s training and now have my state license. I did clinicals at a nursing home in Toledo, OH. It is very strenuous work but the Lord indeed answered my prayer. I now take care of a married couple (93 years old). The husband has alzheimers and the wife has dementia. Just yesterday as I was cleaning the lady, she said, “thank you for helping me.” I replied, “no, thank you for allowing me to help you.” I now understand it takes great humility to allow someone else to clean you. Thank you again Camille for responding to me.

      • Dear Angela,

        I am happy to hear from you again. And such a pleasure to read about your dedication and the gratitude you feel while serving the old husband and wife. You are truly blessed, I can tell.

        Wish you all the best in your service,


  3. L. Arun says:

    I visited the mentally ratarded children at Teresa’s in Saint Teresa street, Puducherry. I was wondering how the people had so much of compassion to feed them and do all the needful things to them. Also, i wonder how parents who leave these children as orphans could so cooly give birth to such children and enjoy the couple life. Let the Lord bring peace to these children during this lent season. thank you.

    • Angela Fernandez says:

      I will pray for these children and all children suffering with mental retardation. In our family, we have a child with autism. He is my nephew.He is non-verbal. He is the light of our lives. He brings so much joy to our family. I feel closer to God when he is among us. These couples that give up their children are giving up on serving God. These couples need our prayers as too. Thank you for writing. God bless you and all your work.

  4. Dear Arun,

    It seems you have been touched by the dedication of the Sisters of Mercy in Puducherry. I’m happy to read that, as I plan to visit this place to see whether I could send volunteers to help the sisters out in the future.

    Thank you for writing to us,

    Camille van Neer
    AMAIDI Volunteering in India

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  6. RASSOU Marie says:

    Dear sister,
    I’m leaving in France but I lived in Pondicherry for the past 20 years and I already visited the home in St Therese street and the hospice in Reddiarpalayam. I want to made some donation every month . What is the procedure ? I planned to come to India with my kids next july. Let the Lord bring peace to these children .
    With regards,

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