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New playground for orphans at Baby Sarah’s Home

Thursday at 9.30 Camille, director of AMAIDI Volunteering in India, cut the green ribbon that separated about 80 children from their new playground. The money to realize this dream of BSH’s secretary Karthikeyan, was brought together by Harjen, Mary, Maartje, Sarah, Isabel, Karin and Djoelan, except Sarah, all Dutch volunteers.

Opening of the new playground of Baby Sarah's Home

Opening of the new playground of Baby Sarah


Harjen and Mary, the volunteers who paid for the (construction of the) compound wall, have just returned to Holland after an extensive onward journey to various Asian countries before going home and after working at Baby Sarah’s. Djoelan was still traveling through South-India, as was Karin, but Sarah, Maartje and Isabel were present, giving short speeches about their happiness to witness this event.

Maartje, one of the sponsor volunteers, on the new slide with the children of Baby Sarah's Home

Maartje, one of the sponsor volunteers, on the new slide with the children of Baby Sarah


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Ni Hao – Chinese volunteers


Volunteers from China

Volunteers from China

China has made a secondary revolutionairy change, launching itself into the modern world. With this movement it has opened itself towards the West but at the same time asserting its own value and boosting its economic power house to become a major player in all aspects of life.

International volunteering definitely belongs to the newer Chinese generations of well-educated youngsters who are no longer prepared to be satisfiedwith what the leadership wants them to believe. Thus the Chinese venture in other countries, India is one of them. Looking at the steep rise in applications from the Republic of China, I am hopefull that a lot of young and promissing Chinese men and women are going to make it to India. 

AMAIDI is ready to receive them in whatever project they’d like to work in. So far most Chinese fit the profile of the ‘average’ volunteer at AMAIDI: female, 23 and highly educated. Most of them wanting to work ‘with children’. And – surprising it is not – they yearn for ‘friendship’ with whomever they will work with. A central theme in a generation crying for recognition. And with the attitude to back it up.

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AMAIDI in Sri Lanka

AMAIDI is exploring possibilities to expand its operations towards Sri Lanka. A contact person with a network of friends who’d like to work together with us, has already been contacted. It seems that there is a vibrant NGO culture in the island state, but most of all – and very sadly so – there’s a civil war going on in the north-east of the country. Therefor – as far as AMAIDI is concerned – all volunteers will have to be briefed extensively on the nation’s history that led to this conflict that sends ripples through the whole nation, leaving no one untouched.

Primarely we will be concerned about the volunteers’ safety. Perhaps a tie up with peace-organizations and an emphasize on sending volunteers who are willing to give ‘peace education’, will make us a valuable stakeholder in the peace process in Sri Lanka.

NGO's in Sri Lanka - offering people a chance

NGO's in Sri Lanka - offering people a chance

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Volunteers for peace

I just wondered – anyone who’d like to share his/her views is welcome – if it would not be possible to send out volunteers to areas where orgs would need them simply as eye-witnesses/documentist of certain happenings to publish about them in their blogs or anywhere they’d like to publish their stories for the world at large to be informed?
Would I endanger them by asking this?

It would be like a combination of social work, peace advocacy and Twitter/Facebook.

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